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Date of Establishment
June 2, 1980
  • Capital
    82.0 billion KRW
  • Sales Revenue
    100.7 billion KRW
  • Number of employees
    440 persons
  • Areas of Business

    -Electronic devices and equipment
    -Wires and cables
    -Cables for ships
    -Cable assembly
    -Assembled aviation parts and robotics

  • Main Products

    -Assembled cables
    -Electronic devices and equipment
    -Wires and cables
    -MCC & MCA
    -RF/microwave coaxial connectors
    -Assembled cable accessories

    Research and Development
    Plant II
    • Research and Development

      “We know both our survival and success lie in ceaseless research and development.”

      Ever since it opened for the first time in July 1996, our technological research center has been leading the research and development of not only the national-defense information and communication systems—in which we as a company specialize—but also of the assembled cables, 
      connectors, parts and electricity generators used widely across the national defense and other industries.

      Yeonhab Precision has specialized knowledge and techniques of manufacturing information and 
      communication devices, power generators and cable assembly parts used to build combat vehicles, ships, aircrafts and optic telecommunication, in addition to its capacity to produce and commission and 
      test related parts and devices. 
      Fifty or so of our researchers develop the software and hardware parts of our products and 
      conduct tests and evaluations on them. The growth of our company has been mainly 
      supported by their dedication to the development and localized production of interactive
      telephone devices as well as other communication devices, switches and 
      cable assembly parts used in land-based and aviatory equipment.

      As Korea’s leader in production of national-defense devices, cable assembly 
      parts and connectors and based on its high technological prowess 
      and design expertise, Yeonhab Precision develops its own models and 
      has localized the production of many other core models, while ensuring high 
      quality of the wires and cables it produces. Our technological research center 
      not only sets the future vision for the company to aim at, but also leads the growth of the 
      national defense industry and other key industries. Yeonhab Precision makes maximum 
      investment into its R&D department in order to maintain a vigorous and energetic environment 
      for all its individual researchers to thrive and develop satisfactory items.